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Urban legends are not necessarily untrue, yet typically they are exaggerated, distorted to the point of sensation and despite the word “urban” do not apply only to the urban settings.

The name is used to differentiated urban legends from traditional folklore created in pre-industrial times. Free Essay: Joel Beckwith February 13, Urban Legends In this paper I will explain exactly what an urban legend is,and give some examples of very popular. An urban legend is a story that it told throughout the years with different variations depending on the teller.

Different variations can be caused by tellers changed the plot of the legend to a local setting, the teller may say the legend wrong because they forgot the story, or the teller may change.

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Urban Legends Essay of Cupid started to change because of the cultural belief behind the true meaning of the word love. It is understood that a number of individuals started to realize that love was an emotion and an expression within and not a force of projection.

Claim: An essay outlines the fates of the signers of the Declaration of balmettes.come. A Summary of “How Urban Legends Work” Have you ever heard of the urban legend “Bloody Mary”, where you stand in the bathroom with the lights off and the room completely dark and chant “Bloody Mary” 13 times in the mirror a woman will appear and kill you.

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