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Research on electroconvulsive therapy in India: An overview

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Research on electroconvulsive therapy in India: An overview

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Caretakers of the more ill commonly resorted to rocks, restraining chairs, cold and hot contenders, and seclusion. Analysing The Use Of Electroconvulsive Therapy In Prisons Psychology Essay.

Current electroconvulsive therapy practice and research in the geriatric population

Print Reference this Electroconvulsive therapy is a treatment method that has been used to effectively treat individuals with severe depression for many years.

ECT has been proven time and time again through research and practice to be an effective means to. Electroconvulsive Therapy: Why is it Effective?

There are those who argue that ECT is brain-damaging or brain-disabling, but research has not been able to find tangible evidence on long-term brain changes when properly administered. Electroconvulsive Therapy Essay. Nov 20,  · ECT Therapy Essay ECT Therapy EssayECT Therapy essay sample, ECT Therapy research paper, ECT Therapy term paper, example essay on ECT Newer Post Older Post Home free research papers, free term papers and dissertations in more than 60 college and university subjects.

Any problems with APA. Free Essay: After researching electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), I have decided that if a close family member or even myself were severely depressed I would. In this essay we attempt to follow research publications on Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT), in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, across the last five decades.

We searched the database of the Indian Journal of Psychiatry for ECT research articles. Download "Electroconvulsive Therapy" Research Paper ( Words)!

☘ as shock treatment, is an extremely safe and effective medical treatment for certain psychiatric disorders. With this treatment, a small quantity of electricity is applied.

Electroconvulsive therapy research essay
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